Before my first session I was so nervous and didn’t know what to expect, within seconds I felt at ease with Claudia and couldn’t get over how good it was to talk about my issues.

Claudia made it very clear that this was my time to let go, if I wanted to swear I could, if I needed to cry I could and at no point was there any judgements.

I just finally felt understood and relaxed. Thank you so much for all your wonderful work. Without your help I dread to think where I would be.

Craig B, Uk.

“I worked with Claudia during a time of great grief in my life, after losing 4 of my family members in less than a year. I kept myself very busy, I felt I do not have time to mourn and cry for the loss I have suffered. Since working with Claudia, I paused, searched deeply inside myself and my emotional world and  accessed and released the pain, the grief and the loss. I now feel much freer, lighter and at peace. As a counsellor Claudia is challenging, and I could not hide, run away or avoid my pain or the darkness inside, and yet, she is gentle, kind, and compassionate at the same time. I always felt safe, held, mirrored, and at ease during our sessions together. Thank you! 

Carmen R, Uk

“I have been involved with psychotherapy for over 25 yrs and during this time I have experienced different therapists for personal therapy. It is rare to find a therapist who has the skill and knowledge to support you on all levels of your being – spiritually, mentally, emotional and physically. Claudia is one of these rare therapists who can work with all levels which enables a deeper integration of self. Her ability to work with the historical residues of trauma with the understanding of the energetics is truly transformative.

J Puddifoot, UK – trainer and counsellor

Claudia is always warm, loving, helpful and gentle. She is a professional in every aspect of her communication, she is a very rare gem of a human being who constantly exudes positivity and capability.

TJ, India

I contacted Claudia because events in my life felt frightening and overwhelming. Claudia was instantly warm and welcoming, she is an active listener and has a gift, it seems to me, of reaching in beyond the kernel of the presenting difficulty to find a way of addressing whatever the challenge truly is. Claudia has helped me achieve a different perspective on the complexities of my life so that I can now face the future more confidently.


Claudia is warm, kind and very open, in her presence I feel safe and comfortable, I can be completely and totally myself and bring to the therapy my darkest and most inner feelings.

Claudia has helped me to ‘escape the darkness’ and to once more see the light of life, her help and support is incredible. I feel that working with Claudia has been a lifesaving intervention and I am able to be myself again, able to make choices and living my own life, for which I am deeply grateful.

I recommend Claudia from all my heart.

Corina V, Ro

When I first started working with Claudia I felt totally lost, emotionally drained and exhausted.  I now have a much clearer understanding of my childhood and how it informed and influenced my adulthood.  Working with Claudia I feel I am in a safe environment; I feel accepted and allowed to be all of me. 

Claudia listens to me, she brings a different perspective, an alternative, I feel encouraged to reflect and do things differently, through our work together my emotional wellbeing, actions and choices have changed.

Julia N, UK

I will start by saying that I am so much looking forward to my sessions with Claudia. I’ve been to therapy before, but this time is different. Claudia makes me feel very comfortable and she is very empathic, so I feel at ease talking about everything that is, or has ever bothered me. After only a couple of sessions, she has helped me understand myself and my feelings. With Claudia is not just a session of therapy, it is a connection, she is very spiritual and caring. Time with Claudia is life changing and I am so grateful for having her in my life.

CI, Uk

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